The Paintball Park at Quantico is located on a Marine Installation and there are some new procedures on how to gain access to come play at the Paintball Park! The “frequent Paintball Park patrons” category exists to allow the general public to use select recreational activities, per Marine Corps orders.

You also acknowledge and understand that your access is limited to transit to and from The Paintball Park and you will exit the installation when your usage of the activity has concluded. You also understand and acknowledge that requesting access to the installation may require a security screening to include a criminal background check, digital fingerprint scan, photograph, and any other requirements deemed necessary by the Provost Marshalls Office.

There Are 3 Ways to Gain Base Access!

1. Military With Base Access

  • The Trusted Traveler procedure allows a uniformed service member or government employee with a valid Common Access Card (CAC), a military retiree (with a valid DOD identification card), or an adult family member (with a valid DOD identification card) to present their identification card for verification while simultaneously vouching for any vehicle occupants.
  • On MCB QUANTICO, Trusted Travelers are also permitted to vouch for/sponsor the occupants of two additional vehicles in immediate succession. Members identified as Trusted Travelers are responsible for the actions of all visitors for whom they vouch and must accompany their visitors at all times while aboard MCB QUANTICO.
  • Adult escorted visitors must be in possession of an acceptable identity source document such as a valid government issued photo id (i.e. Real ID Act compliant [or state approved extension] driver’s license, state identification card, or passport) to establish their identity.

2. Arriving Monday- Friday or Saturday before 11:30am


Use the form below if you are a civilian without base access. Information must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to your visit for each person accessing the Base. If you are planning to visit The Paintball Park in less than 7 days, please call us at 866-985-4932 so that we can assist you with gaining access to the base.

  1. Fill out the form Below at least 7 days before your first visit.
  2. Enter the the base from the West Gate or the TBS Gate.
  3. Must stop at the Visitors Center building at the West Gate in order to obtain the day pass and gain access to the base
  4. Make sure you have your ID and that everyone in the car has an ID.
  5. Bring your vehicles current proof of insurance and valid registration.
  6. Have a blast playing Paintball!

Arriving Monday- Friday or Saturday before 11:30am

  • If arriving before 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday, civilians must fill out the DBIDS pre-enrollment form prior to getting onto the base as well as the Base Access form.
  • Once the form is filled out they will receive a QR code that will provide them the option to print. They can either print out the QR code or take a picture of it.
  • They will need to demonstrate the QR code at the Visitors center, and will need to provide two forms of ID as well. The two forms of ID must be a state or federal issued ID card (DL, SSN card, State Identification card.
  • Must stop at the Visitors Center building at the West Gate in order to obtain the day pass and gain access to the base.


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Do Not Enter Minors)


1 Day/60 Day/1 Year Passes Available
Quantico MCBQ Visitor Control Center
  • Please access the Quantico Visitor Center using the West Gate of the TBS Gate at 5075 Russel Road, Quantico, VA 22134. (Click Here for Directions)
  • DBIDS visitor credentials will be processed ONLY at the MCBQ Visitor Control Center, 27031 Telegraph Rd, Stafford, VA 22134. (Click Here for Directions)
  • Monday – Friday, 6am – 3pm
  • Saturday – 7:30am – 11:30pm
  • Contact Visitor’s Center for any additional questions – (703-784-3023)
  • Visitor Center Is Closed on the Sunday
You must stop at the Visitors Center Building at the Main Gate before you attempt to access base if:
  • You are playing Paintball during the week
  • Your sponsor is not with you in your vehicle
  • You do not have a Valid: Military ID, CAC card or a Retiree ID (Veterans ID cards should not be used as a replacement for Retiree ID card or any other required official government ID)
You can go directly to a gate’s security checkpoint at a gate if you have a valid:
  • Military ID, Retiree ID, CAC card 
  • You are accompanied by your Sponsor in your vehicle
  • Have been issued a MCCS Recreation Visitors pass
  • Take your valid state issued driver’s license or identification card to the Visitor Center during their normal business hours
  • Don’t forget to bring your valid driver’s license, vehicles current proof of insurance, valid registration and remember that all vehicles accessing the installation are subject to inspection and must abide by all posted operating installation rules and regulations.
  • Identify the recreational facility you would like to enjoy “The Paintball Park”.
  • Provide the day(s) you will be visiting us.
  • Complete all steps required to obtain the DBIDS Visitors Credential including a quick criminal background check, digital fingerprinting, and a photograph.
  • Wait times may be lengthy. Processing time may be 5-7minutes per adult visitor.
  • Obtain your Visitors Pass and proceed directly to the Paintball Park.


3. Arriving after 11:30am Saturday & Sunday

  • Go to TBS Gate (5075 Russel Road, Quantico, VA 22134 (Click Here for Directions) as you must provide proof of ID, registration, proof of insurance. If you do NOT have a real ID you must bring a passport, social security, or birth certificate.
  • Please access the Quantico Visitor Center using the West Gate of the TBS Gate at 5075 Russel Road, Quantico, VA 22134. (Click Here for Directions)